Sell Faster and For More Money!

It always makes sense to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible!  With nine out of every 10 buyers viewing photos of homes online FIRST, it becomes critical for those photos to be of beautifully staged rooms!

Partner With An HSR Certified Professional at Dimples Decor & Benefit!

Read this Testimonial from a local Realtor;

“Thank goodness for people like Stephanie! I was in a pinch to get a vacant home furnished for my weekend open house…Called her on Thursday and it was ready in 48 hours! Amazing! The effort needed to pick out furnishings, arrange short notice delivery and accent the home in this short time frame was so very much appreciated. The cost was very reasonable and the results …this home sold that very weekend after being on the market for several months!” ~Kelly Wicks, Realtor

  • We Listen!  We focus first on how we can benefit your business and help you sell your listings faster!
  • Certified in both Staging and Redesign and trained by the best in the industry!
  • Completed Client Action Plans – Photo detailed plans for your clients to easily follow!

2-Minute Partnership Informational Video


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